Ibec Tracker on Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland


The Protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland is the mechanism agreed between the EU and the UK to protect the all island economy, the Belfast / Good Friday Agreement, and the integrity of the EU single market. It is designed to avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland in the context of Brexit. Part of the Withdrawal Agreement, it has been ratified by the EU and UK meaning it is a legally binding international treaty. The Protocol applies exclusively to the island of Ireland and came into force on  1 January 2021. Implementing the Protocol is a unique and unprecedented challenge. Even with the Protocol and a comprehensive FTA, there has been an impact on business operations on the island of Ireland. 

Ibec has developed this tracker to assist business leaders to follow developments on the implementation of the Protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland. This edition of March 2023 analyses the Windsor Framework and the impact it could have on the Shared Island economy as well as trade between Britain and Northern Ireland. 

March 2023_Ibec Tracker on Protocol on Ireland Northern Ireland_Final pdf | 563.7 kb