Executive Summary

The following recommendations were captured as part of Ibec member workshops, a member wide survey and were reviewed and endorsed by founder members across relevant trade associations.

Note that survey respondents were predominantly from the medical technology, technology, food, drink, and engineering sectors. 40% were founded post 2015, 35% were founded 2000-2017 and 25% were founded pre-1999.

The high level recommendations listed below, can be explored further in the report. What is clear is that founder-led enterprises need the right incentives, supports and ecosystem to flourish, and that their contribution to economic prosperity and a thriving ecosystem needs further recognition.

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Summary high level recommendations

  • Fit for purpose and accessible funding and incentives: Advocate for fit-for-purpose funding supports which are simple, accessible, and granted in a timely fashion. In particular, improve tax incentives such as Capital Gains Tax Relief.
  • R&D Tax Credit & Employment Incentive and Investment Scheme and produce an SME tax roadmap.
  • Talent to thrive: Ensure that the talent, skills and labour market is constantly reviewed to be agile, informed and interconnected to respond appropriately and in a timely fashion to the fast paced changing business model.
  • Digital readiness: In particular intensify support for enterprise in its digital transition, to ensure our continued competitiveness.
  • Regulatory Impact Assessments must be completed before rolling out any new regulations, to assess impact on start-up in particular.

Listen / Ibec Voices Podcast

Ibec’s Founders campaign aims to establish an eco-system in which Irish entrepreneurial endeavours can thrive and prosper. In this episode of Ibec Voices, we look at entrepreneurship through the lens of disability, and consider the unique challenges individuals with a disability face when founding and sustaining a business.

Watch / Ibec 'Founders Report' Launch

Speakers at the launch:

  • Sharon Higgins, Executive Director Membership & Sectors Ibec
  • Danny McCoy, CEO Ibec
  • Sharon Higgins (Chair)
  • Geraldine Magnier, Co-founder and Director of Idiro Analytics / Vice Chair, Small Firms Association
  • James Doherty, Managing Director, Sliabh Liag Distillers / Vice Chair, Irish Whiskey Association
  • Pat McCann, Retired CEO Dalata, Company Director & Investor/ Ibec Past President & current Board Member
  • Barry Comerford, Co-founder of Cambus Medical, Founder & CEO of Sauleen Holdings/ Vice Chair, Irish Medtech Association