The 26th annual Conference of the Parties (COP) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change took place from 31 October to 12 November in Glasgow, Scotland.

Neil Walker, Head of Infrastructure, Energy and Environment for Ibec was in attendance and provided updates and analysis from this important event.

Arguably the single most important objective for COP26 was to secure additional commitments consistent with a credible trajectory towards Net Zero global emissions by 2050.

The Conference had several other overarching objectives, including:

- ensuring that the accounting rules for international cooperation on climate mitigation avoid double-counting of greenhouse reductions;
- ensuring that NDCs are regularly updated, particularly if greater ambition is deemed necessary;

- improving the verification of annual emissions reductions reported by each Party; and

- encouraging developed countries abide by their previous promises to provide circa $100 billion per annum for climate action in developing countries over the coming decade.

Ibec, as Ireland’s leading business representative organisation, considers climate change to be the greatest threat facing this generation of mankind. We continue to work with our members, across all sectors of the economy, to promote more sustainable means of production, consumption, land use and transport, consistent with the Irish Government’s ambition for Net Zero. Climate action is a key element not only of our policy work, but also of our ongoing campaign for improved quality of life for people who live and work in Ireland.

Our members, many of whom also belong to European umbrella trade associations, have long recognised the benefit of cooperating on climate action with like-minded business federations across the EU and beyond. This is why Ibec’s Head of Infrastructure, Energy and Environment, Dr Neil Walker, has attended previous UN conferences as part of a European business observer delegation.

To find out more, download our Infrastructure Team Brochure HERE 

Further resources

Below you will find some resources relevant to the Conference including the Low Carbon Roadmap report "Building a low carbon economy".  This report was was prepared in 2019 with the assistance of UCC MaREI and others, through a series of workshops in the context of the previous Government’s climate action plan.  This plan will be superseded by a much more ambitious one this autumn.

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