How we're governed

Our mandate comes from our members and the National Council is the unifying voice for Ibec's membership. 

As a forum, the National Council provides a vital mechanism through which matters that are most important to members are raised, which in turn informs policy development.

The National Council has over 100 members and all are senior leaders representing businesses of all sizes and all industry sectors. The group includes Ibec's President, Deputy President, Vice President, Regional Presidents, members nominated by the regions, Chairs of sectors and policy committees, elected and co-opted members and the three immediate Past Presidents of the Confederation.

Meeting no less than 4 times a year, but as often as required, the National Council:

  • is the final decision maker for all matters within the authority of Ibec
    • approves Ibec policy positions on issues that are important to business
    • provides a forum for the exchange of views between the constituent members and groupings of Ibec on relevant policy, sectoral and organisational issues.