Ireland has a global size cluster with a proven track record in operational excellence, compliance, and supply security in addition to a green image. The correct manufacturing environment is critical therefore it is vital to keep up to date with manufacturing technology. 

How to get involved / Working groups

The BPCI working group reviews and discusses R&D issues of interest to the Biopharma sectors to support best practice sharing and knowledge collaboration industry, academia, and government agencies. 

Lead by BioPharmaChem Ireland Senior Executive, Nessa Fennelly (


The operational excellence working group encourages the development, usage, scale-up, monitoring, and evaluation of best practices to drive a lean and continuous improvement culture. The group meet quarterly and discuss topics on Digitalisation/ Industry 4.0; Lean Leadership; Developing a Coaching Environment; Pharma Industry Trends in connectivity, disruptive technological advances and Working Remotely.

Lead by Biopharmachem Ireland Executive, Siobhan Dean (