Pharmaceutical companies thrive in Ireland due to its unique workforce. Ireland has a creative and very flexible workforce with an excellent ability to innovate and to lead. It has one of the youngest populations in Europe with over 50% under the age of 35 years. This young Irish workforce is recognised for its ability to adapt to fresh ideas, this capability has allowed the local workforce to readily embrace the new paradigm of development plus manufacturing that now operates in the sector. Ireland has been ranked 4th in the world for its availability of skilled labour and it’s openness to new ideas.

Our people

The Biopharma and Pharmachem industry sector employs 25,300 people, over half of which are third-level graduates compared to the national average of 24 per cent. In addition, 24,500 people are employed providing services to the sector

The sector has benefitted from the increased output of PhD researchers, employing approximately 25% of all PhD researchers currently employed in Irish industry.


How to get involved / Working groups

The BPCI HR Forum provides a platform for member companies to discuss industrial relations and human resources issues, receive specialised information and updates relevant to the employment relationships for that sector and network with industry peers.

In addition to the face-to-face meetings, the Forum also has an extremely active Discussion Forum, where members can (anonymously if they wish) circulate questions & queries among fellow HR professionals on a broad range of topics, for a rapid response from industry peers.

In conjunction with the Ibec Survey Unit, the HR Forum feeds into the annual Biopharmachem Salary Survey that allows member companies to benchmark salaries and conditions across a wide number of categories. The survey is available to all participating organisations.

Lead by Biopharmachem Ireland Executive, Siobhan Dean (firstname.surname@ibec.ie)


The BPCI Learning and development working group is a subgroup of the HR forum, formed in conjunction with the BioPharmaChem skillnet to create a platform for member companies to knowledge share and to collaborative to help identify and address the training and skills gaps in the sector.

Lead by Biopharmachem Ireland Executive, Siobhan Dean (firstname.surname@ibec.ie)


The BPCI Diversity & Inclusion Working Group was set up with the 30% Club Ireland and member companies to Attract, Retain, Return & Grow the best talent for the BioPharmaChem sector in Ireland.

The group developed a strategy framework and established three implementation subgroups to help support the sector on its journey to achieving its’ diverse culture and inclusion ambitions. The 3 subgroups meet monthly and are as follows.

  1. Awareness and Influencing Subgroup
  2. Supporting Talent Subgroup
  3. Supporting Business Subgroup

Lead by Biopharmachem Ireland Executive, Siobhan Dean (firstname.surname@ibec.ie)