What we do


A Flexible labour market and responsive education system provide employment opportunities and support economic growth. Business needs a diverse and highly trained workforce to compete in a highly competitive and constantly changing global economy. Ibec provides an informed business and employer input into the development of national employment regulation and skills policies that support economic development, provide opportunities for individuals to develop their potential and support the well-being of society.


We have a number of networks for members to input into our policy-making process. 

  • The Labour Market and Skills Council oversees a broad range of policy issues from school reform to employee relations, apprenticeships to gender-balanced leadership, higher education quality to pensions policy. 
  • The Diversity Forum offers HR practitioners who specialise in the areas of diversity and inclusion an opportunity to network, share practice and monitor policy.
  • The Occupational Health and Safety Committee represents employers at a national and EU level on all matters relating to occupational health and safety regulation and enforcement.
  • The Innovation Policy Committee advises and guides Ibec policy positions on all issues related to research, innovation and science. The key objective of the Committee is to support the ambition of Ireland becoming a global innovation leader. The Committee meets 4/5 times a year to discuss policy developments and to meet with key stakeholders in the research and innovation ecosystem.