What we do

World-class infrastructure provides the critical foundation for business to deliver jobs, growth and quality of life. 

Roads, bridges, transport systems, airports, ports, power, broadband, water, sewage and other utilities have a direct impact on productivity and our ability to attract investment. Affordable housing is essential if Ireland hopes to be an attractive location to live and work.

Ibec’s policy team leads the dialogue with Government and the EU on key infrastructure priorities:

  • Energy and climate change - an economically viable and co-ordinated low carbon transition, delivery of vital national energy infrastructure, transparent and fair regulation and a cost-competitive industrial power supply.
  • Environment - environmental regulations and policies that balance sustainable development and innovation with environmental protection in the most cost-effective way.
  • Planning – aligning the planning system with the Ireland’s infrastructure requirements and ensuring timely decision-making.
  • Regional growth – ensuring that the regional infrastructure agenda reflects the needs of business.

We have a number of networks for members to input into our policy-making process:

  • Energy and Climate Policy Committee
  • Environment Policy Committee
  • Transport and Infrastructure Council
  • Regional Executive Committees in Cork, the Mid-West, West, North West, South East, Midlands and Dublin.