TII Budget Submission 2024

July 26, 2023

The following are the Budget 2024 recommendations of Telecommunications Industry Ireland, whose members account for most of the sector’s investment and employment.

  • Reduce VAT rate for internet access services
  • Make 100% of broadband costs allowable for remote working tax relief
  • Introduce a Broadband Support Allowance
  • Fund all measures necessary to deal with the current backlog at An Bord Pleanála and to make the planning system more efficient
  • Fund a dedicated telecoms unit within each local authority
  • Fund a reduction in mobile coverage ‘blackspots
  • Incentivise SME take-up of very high-capacity networks
  • Allocate funding for the public alert system
  • Invest in enhanced cybersecurity, cyber crime investigation and security of subsea cables
  • Subvent increased network energy resilience


It was also recommended that Ireland’s telecommunications networks should be deemed a priority in the unlikely event that there is electricity rationing. This is because they are a critical piece of national infrastructure, playing a vital role in crisis situations and underpin the wider economy.

Telecommunications Industry Ireland Submission on Budget 2024 pdf | 479.4 kb