The Experience Economy consists of businesses and a workforce that operate across multiple sectors in Ireland as well as encompassing organisations in the arts, cultural, sporting and heritage sectors, it includes hospitality, retail, travel, food and drink, tourism, attractions and venues, entertainment, events and activity providers.

Ireland’s Experience Economy contributes €4 billion annually to the Irish economy and employs over 300,000 people. Ibec is leading a campaign to educate all stakeholders about the reach and value of the Experience Economy.

Our campaign More than meets the eye seeks to highlight not only the “front of house” sector itself but also the vast array of services and industries that support hospitality, leisure, tourism and entertainment sectors in Ireland, and thereby make the case for better focus on the status of the Experience Economy and its wider ecosystem.

The Experience Economy and its supply chain, touches not only on more developed economic environments but also the “hard to reach” yet critical parts of the economy and society in Ireland, including regional/rural areas with limited economic opportunities, small businesses, and economically disadvantaged groups (e.g. young people).