The Ibec Diversity Forum is a place for Ibec members to share best practice, learn about new initiatives or upcoming regulations, contribute to shaping policy positions and network with other employers on the breadth of issues around diversity, inclusion and belonging.

This group has grown to over 460 professionals from medium and large enterprises in every sector and region of Ireland. The forum meets six times a year, with each meeting focusing on a different area of diversity. Each theme is brought to life through internal and external experts, as well as showcasing the lived experiences of those impacted.

The Diversity Forum members find the network very beneficial as they can tap into advice, hear best practice information as well as gaining the tools or practices they can implement in their own organisations. Others appreciate hearing from other businesses about their initiatives to replicate or act as inspiration for their future diversity plans. 

Participants include professionals who have been working in diversity for some time and others who are new to this area. Despite the varying experience the forum has proven to be a source of support to all levels.

Diversity Forum / Meet our speakers

We frequently invite outside speakers to the forum in order to improve the learnings within this network. To improve participants' understanding of each topic of focus, experts engage in productive Q&A sessions with the group after presenting their specialised knowledge.

As this forum is people focused and supporting diverse members of society,  we encourage those with lived experience to share at the forum. This re-emphasises the impact and importance of diversity and inclusion policies and the people these enhancements can support.

Meet our speakers

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There are a mix of practitioners in the Diversity Forum, some specialising in HR or Diversity or leading out on it for their organisations; others are CEO's or owner-managers; and some are simply interested in the area of Diversity.

The range of experience varies greatly from those who are leading and pushing beyond expectations in this area, to many others who are starting their business case for diversity or focusing on the building blocks to embed diversity. In the Forum we facilitate the sharing of best practice, encouraging everyone to ask questions, and empowering all participants to engage.

We invite organisations across all sectors and regions to get involved; currently, we predominantly see medium- to large-sized employers who have a particular interest in diversity and inclusion.

The forum meets about six times a year, with each meeting tackling a number of topics. Please find the remaining meeting dates for 2024 below:

  • Wednesday, 15th May, 09:00 - 10:00
  • Tuesday, 2 July, Diversity & Inclusion Day 09:00 - 12:30
  • Wednesday, 25th September, 09:00 - 10:00
  • Wednesday, 13th November, 09:00 - 12:00

The forum mixes external experts with practical organisation case studies, followed by open and frank discussions of the topics.

Some of the key areas worked on include: gender balance throughout the pipeline and at decision-making levels; mental health and wellbeing; LGBT+ issues including ally programmes and transitioning; racism; bereavement, fertility, ageing and the generations in the workplace.

We mix internal and external experts with case studies from various employers to enable Forum members to benefit from the sessions and consider what they can implement in their own organisations or add to the work they are already doing.

Recent topics include:

  • Understanding the experience of those with criminal convictions
  • Implementing race policies in all areas of your business
  • How to apply for reasonable accommodation grants
  • Mental health in the workplace
  • Hiring people with intellectual disabilities
  • Understanding the experiences of people in direct provision
  • An employer's experience hiring people with criminal convictions
  • Overview of gender pay gap reporting legislation

The Forum is open to all Ibec members interested in progressing their work around diversity and inclusion. It is recommended that an employer nominates a D&I representative and alternate to ensure they are able to participate in as many meetings as possible.

To join please email: