In recent years, Ireland has emerged as a dynamic hub for technology, characterized by rapid innovation, robust infrastructure, and a vibrant ecosystem of startups and multinational corporations. With a rich history steeped in technological advancement, Ireland has continually embraced cutting-edge technologies, driving forward its economic growth and societal progress.

Looking ahead, Ireland is poised to continue its trajectory as a frontrunner in technology adoption and innovation. In this episode, Una Fitzpatrick of Technology Ireland is joined by Marie Treacy and Enda Doyle from EY Ireland to discuss the importance of attracting and retaining FDI in Ireland and the role of technology adoption by business in this effort.

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Ep. 30  /  Ibec Voices

What are Ireland’s airports doing to make aviation more environmentally sustainable?

In this episode, Andrea Carroll, Head of Sustainability in daa and Sinéad Murphy, her counterpart in The Shannon Airport Group, are in conversation with Dr Neil Walker, about their experiences of implementing airport sustainability strategies.

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Ep. 29  /  Ibec Voices

Could Ireland’s tradition of storytelling support our diversity

In this episode we explore how the tradition of storytelling can serve as a tool for understanding and empathy, allowing us to better accept cultural differences, comprehend life experiences, and exchange knowledge.

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Ep. 28 /  Ibec Voices

Talent to Thrive: A new Paradigm for Education and Enterprise

In this episode, Claire McGee, Ibec Head of Education and Innovation Policy, is joined by Dr Linda Doyle, Provost of Trinity College Dublin. Dr Doyle provides a compelling insight into Trinity College Dublin’s relationship with society, business and learners as it continues to lead in research, education and international networks

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Ep. 27  /  Ibec Voices

Untouched Talent: A unique look at entrepreneurship through the lens of disability

Sharon Higgins, Ibec Executive Director of Membership and Sectors, is joined by Professor Thomas Cooney, Professor of Entrepreneurship at TUD, Claire Kennelly, Managing Director of Inclusive World Training, and Noel Joyce, lecturer at New York University Shanghai.

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