New Ibec Global Report on Transforming Uncertainty into Opportunity

May 21, 2024

Today, Ibec Global released “The Leader’s Gambit”, a guide for decision-making that answers questions corporate and public leaders regularly face in boardrooms and strategic meetings. The research report evaluates and compares how regulators in Europe and beyond are responding to megatrends like digitalization and AI, sustainability, and geopolitical and societal developments. It outlines the impact different regulatory approaches have in terms of facilitating or hindering job creation, productivity, and economic growth. The Leader’s Gambit shows that – in sharp contrast to the flawed conclusion that unpredictability will dominate the period ahead – leaders have choices at their disposal that can be pivotal towards delivering more stable societies.

The analysis from the report indicates European leaders must go beyond agreeing on the need for competitiveness and develop concrete solutions that active work and trust between public and private sectors can accelerate. Launching the report yesterday at the Global Economic Summit, Jackie King, Executive Director of Ibec Global commented, “The Leader’s Gambit demonstrates the high costs from not making necessary decisions out of the feeling of helplessness that has driven the media and political discourse in recent years. Businesses are not only disrupted by the digital, green, and social transitions, they also have the power to positively shape their direction of travel.”

Insights from The Leader’s Gambit also explore the stakes from the upcoming European elections and their potential aftermath. Against the current backdrop, one of the report’s core recommendations calls on leaders to shift from crisis-driven responses towards long-term strategies as a necessary condition to improve socioeconomic performance. “Competitiveness has become a popular concept lately, but we need to walk the talk and make our European economies more attractive in the face of global players. More calibrated regulation is fundamental to unleash innovation and allow entrepreneurship to flourish. While other economies have grown significantly in the last decade, Europe has stagnated. It is time to change now as Europe cannot afford to fall further behind.” The Leader’s Gambit differs from other traditional policy advocacy materials as its recommendations span across industry sectors and are also useful to the “chief executives” of public organizations.

The Leader’s Gambit is accessible here.