The digitalisation of healthcare has the potential to fundamentally alter how we diagnose, treat and care for people. The boundaries of this new and exciting field have yet to be fully defined and are likely to expand over time as advances in digital technology and life sciences bring new therapies and applications into being.

The global digital health market is projected to grow at a compound annual rate of 27.7% from 2022 to 2030 making it worth potentially more than $1.5 trillion. Ireland has the potential to establish itself as a global hub for digital health, but that potential may go unrealised if we fail to develop the skills required.

Ibec is uniquely equipped to support this as the leading business representation organisation in Ireland with 40 trade associations, and as the promoting partner of key Skillnet Ireland networks such as the Connected Health Skillnet.

Ibec digital health campaign identifies “Support the development of a worldclass talent pool for the digital health sector” as a strategic pillar. This is to be achieved by attracting mobile talent, as well as supporting the upskilling and reskilling of the digital health sector by growing the Connected Health Skillnet. This new report outlines an ambitions roadmap for achieving this.

Resources  / Research & presentation 

This important research identifies the skills and competencies required for the design, development and commercialisation of digital health products and services.

Get involved  / Ibec Digital Health Working Group

The Ibec Digital Health Working Group’s vision is to enable Ireland to become a recognised global hub for digital health, where companies can develop and commercialise products, as well as attract projects and investments. 

To drive this Ibec has brought together the Irish Medtech Association, Technology Ireland and BioPharmaChem Ireland for a special cross-sectoral campaign which spans a publication, map, presentation, digital collateral, events, training, and more.

Our aim is to drive cross-sectoral engagement, and increase awareness of Ireland as a place ‘Where Digital Health Thrives’ to ensure we have the right business policies and conditions to grow the digital heath sector here. 

Connected Health Skillnet

Connected Health Skillnet is an enterprise-led learning and development Network for digital health skills development. It is led by a cross-sectoral industry Steering Committee, the Irish Medtech Association is the promoting organisation, and it is co-funded by Skillnet Ireland. 

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