Irish workers are ranked most productive in the world. We have one of the largest shares of 25-64 year-olds (47%) with tertiary education in the OECD and support lifelong learning through programmes like Skillnet. Attracting and developing talent is essential for digital health, which is a multi-disciplined endeavour spanning, clinical, data analytics, user experience, health economics, cybersecurity, regulatory affairs, and industry expertise.

Case studies

Support Irish competitiveness / Skillnet Ireland

Paul Healy, Chief Executive and Tracey Donnery, Executive Director at Skillnet
Paul Healy, Chief Executive, Skillnet Ireland,“We are constantly scanning for the next major trend in business or the next major innovation across all sectors. “We realised that the emerging field of connected health was gaining momentum and important to support for Ireland to become a global leader in connected health development… In order to have a big presence in this global industry, Ireland must maximise the talent we already have as this creates opportunities for an even stronger medtech presence in this country”

Tracey Donnery, Executive Director, Skillnet Ireland
“Skillnet Ireland facilitates strategic partnerships with higher education institutes and industry bodies to develop new programmes that address future business needs. Our model enables enterprise groups and trade associations to entirely control this process so that innovative solutions are built with industry backing from the ground up. The Connected Health Skillnet can help produce the type of talent to facilitate Ireland making the next major shift in connected health in this country.” 

Industry-led training for digital health leaders / Connected Health Skillnet

Jennifer McCormack, Network Manager of the Connected Health Skillnet
“Delivering cross-sectoral, enterprise-led training is essential for the digital health industry in Ireland to achieve its potential as we need a strong talent pipeline to stay ahead of the latest trends. Not only do companies need access to niche training which the Connected Health Skillnet delivers, the networking opportunities we provide also help them identify new partners to drive innovation and business development.”