Digital health is supporting the global shift to value-based care and payment for outcomes. Digital health is underscored by the goals of lowering the cost of healthcare, increasing access to healthcare, along with improving outcomes and patient support. This not only leads to improved outcomes for patients and Health Care Professionals, but for payers and providers too.

Case Studies

Creating a sustainable health system / HSE

Martin Curley, Director of Digital Transformation and Open Innovation at the HSE
“We have an ambitious plan to become a European digital health leader within five years. And we have a strategy in place called ‘Stay Left, Shift Left’. The strategy is based on partnering with innovative companies, universities and individuals to utilise the power of digital applications, data and technology, in order to improve quality of life and quality of care, while reducing the cost of care.”

“The concept of ‘Stay Left’ is to use technology to keep people well in their homes, and allow people with chronic conditions to manage themselves in the best way possible at home. ‘Shift left’ is about finding technologies that help people move as quickly as possible from the acute setting to a community setting and finally, to a home setting.”
“Ireland is small enough that we can effect change on a national basis, but we're also big enough to be credible internationally. If Ireland is able to transform its health system in a structural way, the rest of the world will see how credible the country is and the capability we have.” 


Working across the health sector / NUIG & TCD

Dr Steven Griffin, Health Innovation Hub Ireland Manager at National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG)
“Our primary mission is to connect industry with healthcare and vice versa. The Health Innovation Hub Ireland (HIHI) works as a nexus between the clinical, technical and commercial areas of the medtech industry, to help move ideas or products towards the market or towards implementation.”

Eimear Galvin, Health Innovation Hub Ireland Manager at Trinity College Dublin
“Digital health products and solutions, in particular, are quickly becoming the majority of healthcare solutions from what we’ve seen. These solutions are created for unmet needs and challenges in healthcare, which we identify and verify as actual requirements.