FSI’s goal is that ‘Ireland is the pre-eminent global location for diversity and culture.’

FSI will work to promote:

  • Ireland as a world leader in establishing gender balance in the financial services sector.
  • Activities within Ireland for Finance that support diversity and a positive culture across the sector.
  • A diverse workforce and culture where talent can flourish in a vibrant financial services ecosystem.
  • Leading public and private sector initiatives promoting diversity and positive culture.

How to get involved / Forums

Supported by the Government of Ireland, Ireland’s Women in Finance Charter underpins the financial services industry’s ambition to see increased participation of women at all levels, including junior, middle and senior management, leadership and board roles within financial services organisations based in Ireland. 

For more information on the Charter or how to get involved, click here

The Diversity Forum offers HR practitioners who specialise in the areas of diversity and inclusion an opportunity to network, share practice and monitor policy as it relates to diversity and inclusion.

The group explores people management issues across all aspects of diversity and inclusion but of particular focus are gender equality and mental health. For more information, please contact Kara McGann (firstname.lastname@ibec.ie).