Entitlements to Public Holidays are governed by The Organisation of Working Time Act 1997 and the method for calculating payment for Public Holidays is covered by Statutory Instrument No 475 of 1997.

In this podcast, Linda Reid, Senior Employer Relations Executive and Lorraine Parkes Senior Employer Relations Team Lead, discuss entitlements when a public holiday falls at the weekend.

For further guidance, Ibec members can take a look at our FAQ's in advance of the upcoming public holiday and our Ibec 2023 Shift Work Report.

The annual Ibec Employment Law Conference takes place on Thursday, 18 April in the Dublin Royal Convention Centre. The central theme of this year's conference, The Employment Paradox aims to delve into the changing policies surrounding the employer-employee relationship.

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Ep. 22  /  KC Connect

The Code of Practice on the Right to Request Remote and Right to Request Flexible Working.

Linda Reid and Pauline O’Hare discuss the Code of Practice on the right to request remote and right to request flexible working and steps that may be taken to comply with the provision of the Work Life Balance and Miscellaneous Provisions Act of 2023

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Ep. 21  /  KC Connect

Combatting Aggression and Harassment in the Workplace

With recent aggressive events taking place in Dublin city, Michael Gillen and Bernie McMeel from Ibec discuss how employers can deal with their responsibilities regarding the health and safety of their employees in these circumstances.

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Ep. 20  /  KC Connect

Work Life Balance and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2023 - Domestic Violence Leave

In this podcast, Pauline O’Hare, Senior Employment Law Manager and Aoife McFadden, Senior Employment Law Solicitor, discuss the upcoming entitlement to domestic violence leave

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Ep. 19  /  KC Connect

Recent Labour Court Decisions on Discrimination on the grounds of Age

Ibec experts Muireann McEnery and Ciar Murtagh discuss two recent Labour Court decisions where individuals who wished to remain in employment past their normal retirement age.

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