Fitvision - Human-Centric Wellbeing Initiatives For National Workplace Wellbeing Day

March 21, 2024

At Fitvision, we view and strategise all of our wellbeing initiatives through the lens of how they make employees feel. We believe in a long-term wellbeing strategy that prioritises the mental and physical wellbeing of each individual and encourages a culture of inclusivity and belonging. Wellbeing is an invaluable problem-solving tool that can be fostered within the deepest roots of your culture, so we are delighted to support IBEC with this year’s National Workplace Wellbeing Day celebrations on April 26th.

Befre implementing a wellbeing initiative, it is paramount to research what gaps lie within your company’s culture and analyse what it is the humans behind the “machine” need to operate at their best.

We recommend leading your wellbeing strategy and initiatives forward with purpose: what can you do this Workplace Wellbeing Day to…

1. Foster Connection:

Human beings have an innate need to feel connected to those around us and with many of us spending so much time with our colleagues, it is crucial for our feelings of engagement and job satisfaction. This has a positive impact on our communication, collaboration and productivity, alongside a more vibrant culture.

  • Group Charity Event: Get your team together to clean up a local beach, raise money for a charity of your choice or provide paid leave for volunteering.
  • Team Fitness Challenge: Organise a fun challenge, such as allocating teams and aiming to get the most combined steps/kilometres/workouts in a day/week.
  • Game Day or Lunch: Organise a game day that employees can pop down to or have a game lunch, pairing healthy food with bingo, board games, giant connect 4 or classic old school sport’s day competitions.

2. Boost Morale:

We all want high morale within our workplaces, but what can we actually do to achieve this?

  • A Wellness Lunch: Organise a wellness lunch in your office, partnering with a healthy food or juice company to shake up your lunch time. Consider emailing out some resource packs about healthy food choices too!
  • Employee Gifting or Competitions: We all love a good gift! There are some incredible Irish brands taking over this space, such as Sisú who offer health juice hampers and We Are Ethos, whose brand new Resilience product is targeted toward helping working professionals to take care of their wellbeing.
  • Recognition and Appreciation Awards: Organise award categories (both serious and fun!) and encourage all employees to nominate their colleagues and host an awards show at lunch time with prizes.

3. Get Moving:

It is no secret the power that exercise has on our feelings of wellbeing and there is no better way to get endorphins flowing than an office fitness initiative.

  • Book a Class: Bring wellbeing to your office with an on-site fitness, yoga or mobility class.
  • Organise a Team Hike or Walk: In your local area or further afield (Glendalough, Sugarloaf, Phoenix Park, Bray Head).
  • Office Treasure Hunt: Plan a treasure or scavenger hunt in the office or around the area to get people on their feet to win some prizes.

4. Manage Stress:

Stress has a huge impact on our productivity, creativity and feelings of wellbeing. While there are things you can do to mitigate stress in the short term, we are big advocates for providing individuals with the tools to manage their stress in the long run.

  • Stress Management Workshop: This is one of our most popular initiatives, where we educate employees about emotional resilience, stress management, mental skills and personal development.
  • Breathwork & Meditation Session: Another very popular session of ours! The breath is a powerful tool to regulate the stress response of our nervous system and meditation allows us to view things through a broader lens and gain clarity.
  • Create a Designated Wellness Zone: Encouraging employees to take regular breaks throughout their working day, create a wellbeing zone fit with comfortable seating, a quiet space, healthy snacks, drinks and books.